We offer various products in the field of security and safety. Our partners are top performers in their field.


The secret to success is still trained staff. We offer various management and cyber security trainings.


Our goal is not just sales but customer satisfaction. We help you find the best solution or product.


Various interesting tests, sheets, tools and programs that can be related to training


We will be happy to share our latest activities with you.


Different ways to contact us and, if necessary, to make an appointment.


We value long-term relationships with customers and partners. Our business is based on trust and therefore we offer our customers only reliable products. We know the price of security. It is important for the user to focus on their work and the equipment must assist them in doing.
By combining your needs and experience with the experience of us and our partners, we can offer the best solution.


Trained and competent staff is the greatest value of any organization. It is not our goal to train for a certificate. We offer custom training to solve your problems. These may include management issues or problems with cyber security. In cooperation with other local partners, we will always find a solution to your questions. Your well-being is important to us.


Outsiders often help to find out the real reasons. The third-party view helps to get out of the comfort zone and the usual patterns of thought and action.

We help to map training needs and, if necessary, prepare a training plan with the necessary trainings. We also help to find the real causes of problems and solutions to them.


There are many interesting things in the world and not everything can be observed. If you do not find the solution to your question on this page, let us know. In cooperation with our partners, we will always find answers to your questions.


Our team has long experience in security and training. We have operated in both public institutions and private companies, so we can offer optimal solutions and ideas for everyone.

training system

We are using web-based learning management system. We are offering some courses today in Estonian only. You can create Your account for free and enjoy some courses already today. Our LMS is available https://www.veebiope.ee.