Based on years of experience, we offer training in both cyber security and management. The trainings are both contact learning and online learning. According to the request, it is possible to complete the course both under the guidance of the trainer and completely individually. We offer trainings in four different forms of study:

  • contact training
  • distance learning in Zoom environment
  • mixed learning, where part of the group is in the physical space and part in the Zoom environment
  • online learning with the help of a trainer
  • 100% independent online learning, where the trainer does not interfere with the learning process
Cyber security training

Training in the field of cyber defense focuses primarily on raising user awareness. Examples of topics covered include:

  • daily cyber hygiene
  • digital identity and its use
  • malware and protection against it
  • structure and functioning of the Estonian digital state
  • information security and cyber protection
Management training

Training in the field of management is primarily focused on people management skills. It is difficult to lead and motivate the project team and the team working together on a daily basis. Training is available in the following areas, for example:

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