Our cybersecurity trainings provide everyday knowledge and skills for operating in cyberspace or consuming e-services. Cyber security is as easy as cycling or driving on the street. You need to know some rules and make small changes to your behavior. Our trainings cover the following areas:

  • security of Estonian e-government and use of services
  • everyday cyber security – cyber hygiene
  • detection and protection against fraudulent calls, fishing letters and fake sites
  • secure password and internet access
  • self-defense and action in the case of a cyber attack

Depending on the customer’s wishes, we offer contact, distance and remote training. 100% online learning is also possible. To ensure maximum focus on learners and to take their needs into account, our study groups are never larger than 16 participants. In this way, the trainer always has enough time and opportunities to involve all participants in the learning process.


All trainings will be supported by our learning management system at Creating a user account in the environment is free of charge.

Secure e-state
Personal security in the cyber space