Our management trainings provide current and future leaders with practical knowledge and skills that can be applied to make their work more efficient immediately. Be it project management, small team management or organization management. There are certain activities at all levels that cannot be ignored. Success often depends on the details. Our management training covers the following areas:

  • the activities of an effective leader and the impact on the team and the organization
  • effectiveness and impact of meetings on management
  • activity planning and management, team development
  • crises management and prevention

Depending on the customer’s wishes, we offer both contact training and virtual training. To ensure maximum focus on learners and to take their needs into account, our study groups are never larger than 16 participants. In this way, the trainer always has enough time and opportunities to involve all participants in the learning process.

Unlike many other training providers, we also have trainings for self-study, where you can complete the material independently. After solving the tasks and answering the control questions, it is possible to get your answers to the questions or advice from the trainer in a one-on-one meeting. In self-study training, it is possible to choose between a 30-minute and a 60-minute consultation.


All trainings take place in the support of our learning management system at Creating a user account in the environment is free of charge. 

Situational Leadership
One-and-one meeting master class
Efective leader's road map