The changed time also requires new tools. The security service, the police, the rescue service, the parking controller, and many others are exposed to situations where they are accused of rude behavior, or something else. It is often not possible to rebut the words of the accused.In such cases, it is possible to use a body camera to protect Your employees from unjustified accusations.
Body cameras are NOT for a staff control. Thanks to the camera body, it is POSSIBLE
  • to protect Your employees against unwarranted allegations
  • use real situations for training
  • record videos about the event and use it as evidence in court.

Our cameras have following features (depending on the model):
  • data protection with the password
  • GPS
  • Wifi or cable connection
  • remote control over Android application
  • night vision up to 15 m
  • recording time up 12h
  • HD video recording etc.
Additional we offer software and charging docks. Charging docks are for 8 cameras and they download automatically the data from the camera into server during the regular charging.
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