Modern life requires constant work on the computer, and preparation of documents. Whether it is:
  • procurement documents
  • market research
  • training materials
  • user manuals
  • project documents, etc.
Few people like this job, so things are stretching or they do not meet the expectations and procurement goes over deadline. We have years of experience in both the public and private sectors and we can mitigate these concerns..
When You plan a procurement, then we can advice the best suitable procurement type and process, we can help to write the documents and help to evaluate the results. We can submit the market research in advance, to identify possible tenderer and price level. So You have the possibility to plan Your budget. Additional we can evaluate Your procurement  documentation before the publishing and give feedback concerning possible critical points. We can process the procurement on Your behalf and communicate with the tenderer and submit the results evaluation.
Training materials and manuals
New devices or implementation of new work flow processes require proper documentation and training. The users or employees understand the changes better and accept them faster. When manual or training is inadequate, then people will often work against innovation. Here we can support You with our experience in area training and management. We can help with proper user manuals, materials for students or trainer.

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