Crisis management


Crisis management as a service

Crisis management is the key to the success of any organization. Any proactive action is always cheaper and more successful than reacting. Crisis management helps to be prepared for a crisis, so its impact is less and the consequences are minimal.
Those who learn from the experience of others are especially successful, because then they can avoid the mistakes that others have had to pay for. Therefore, it is good to use experienced people when introducing crisis management and updating it regularly. And that's what we offer. Over 15 years of experience in institutions dealing with crisis management on a daily basis.


Preparing crisis management plans​

Crisis management starts even before the crisis. We are there for you if you need a crisis management plan or its update. We work closely with your team to create a crisis management plan that fits your organization’s goals and industry. We ensure that your plan includes best practices and adheres to standards.


Crisis management plan analysis

Is your organization’s current crisis management plan effective? We thoroughly evaluate your existing plan, identify strengths, weaknesses and areas that can be improved. In the course of a detailed assessment, we offer you valuable knowledge and recommendations to increase your crisis preparedness and responsiveness.

Kriistijuhtimise lauaõppus

Crisis management plan table-top-exercise

Prepare your team for real crisis situations. Our tabletop exercises simulate crisis situations, allowing the team to practice crisis resolution procedures. Your team will gain valuable experience. The table exercise is a quick and easy way to check readiness.


Crisis exercises

It is also important to practice real crisis resolution. This gives a better overview of the kitchen side of crisis management, also requiring the organization of cooperation between different parties. In the crisis exercises organized by us, you can test your processes, we improve coordination and increase general preparedness for a crisis.

Group of young business professionals having a meeting, creative office

Crisis management training

Give your team the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage crises. Our training programs cover the necessary topics including crisis communication, decision making under pressure, risk analysis and more. We adapt the trainings to your needs and special features

If you don't know where to start, just let us know your concern.

There is no point in waiting until the crisis is here. Although crises usually come unexpectedly, preparing for them saves valuable time. In this way, it is possible to reduce the impact of the crisis and prevent greater losses by acting quickly.

With us, you will be part of the incredible baggage of experience that has accumulated over the years. You can’t get that from books or videos.

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