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Crisis management helps to be ready for every case.

In today’s fast-paced world, effective crisis management skills are more critical than ever. We understand the importance of being prepared and equipped to handle any crisis situation. That’s why we offer comprehensive crisis management services tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

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Our services

Our services are primarily based on years of experience to offer customers the most convenient support possible. Come to us with your concerns and wishes. We will put together a package that suits you. We value long-term cooperation where the client knows us and our client.

Analysis of the crisis management plan
Analysis of the crisis management plan

Is your current crisis management plan up to par? We evaluate your existing plan, identify strengths, weaknesses and improvement needs.

Preparing a crisis management plan​
Preparing a crisis management plan​

Don’t you have a crisis management plan or do you need to update your existing one? Our experienced experts create a crisis management plan in close cooperation with your team, taking into account the specifics of your organization.

Preparing a crisis management plan​
Crisis management tabletop exercise

Prepare your team for real crises in a tabletop exercise. We play out crisis scenarios, allowing your team to practice their response strategies and procedures.

Crisis exercise
Crisis exercises

For organizations in a high-risk industry, it is important to be prepared for crises. We specialize in planning and conducting comprehensive exercises to help prepare for such crises.

Crisis management trainings
Crisis management trainings

The crisis management knowledge and skills of the team determine the effective crisis management. Our training programs cover a wide variety of topics including crisis communication, decision making under pressure, risk assessment and more.

Necessary equipment​
Necessary equipment

An adequate overview of the situation is also the basis of crisis management and control. Therefore, we also offer a number of products that contribute to crisis management and also support crisis prevention.



Knowledge and experience

Our team with years of experience will share their knowledge and experience with you. Thanks to this, we help you react effectively in crisis situations and minimize possible losses.

Customized solutions

We believe that every organization is unique and faces its own challenges. That is why we approach crisis management personally in close cooperation with you in order to understand your needs.

Comprehensive training program

Our crisis management training programs give your team the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with crises.

Preventive counseling

I believe that prevention is better than cure. We assess your organization's preparedness for crises, identify possible vulnerabilities and make suggestions for improvement.

Realistic exercises

Preparing for a crisis requires more than just theoretical knowledge. Our crisis exercises simulate real scenarios, allowing your team to practice their crisis response skills.

Continuous support

Our commitment to your organization's crisis management goes beyond training and consulting. We provide ongoing support to stay prepared and up-to-date with the latest industry best practices.

Don't wait for the crisis to arrive!

Contact us today and take proactive steps to build a sustainable organization. Our comprehensive crisis management services strengthen your team, minimize potential losses and protect your reputation.

Contact us now to arrange the first free consultation and find out how Kronos&Partners can help you confidently come out of the crisis.

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