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We are your reliable partner in crisis management training, consulting, and exercise organization.

Crises don't announce themselves, but we help you be prepared.

In today’s fast-changing world, having effective crisis management skills is more critical than ever before. We understand the importance of being prepared and equipped to handle any crisis situation. Therefore, we offer comprehensive crisis management services tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

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Our services

Our services are primarily based on years of experience to offer customers the most convenient support possible. Come to us with your concerns and wishes and we will put together a package that suits you. We value long-term cooperation where the client knows us and our client.

Analysis of crisis management plan.

Is your company’s crisis management plan good enough? We can check it for you and tell you what’s good, bad, and needs work.

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Developing a crisis management plan.

Do you need help with planning for emergencies? Our experts can work with you to create a plan that fits your organization and goals.

Group professional business people person working together to analyze in office, work together to discuss company financial statistics report, brainstorm ideas, and graph datum documents on the table.
Crisis management tabletop exercise

Prepare your own team for real crisis situations with a tabletop exercise. Our exercises simulate crisis scenarios, allowing your team to practice their response strategies and procedures.

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Crisis exercises

Organizations in high-risk industries need to be ready to handle emergencies. We can help you get prepared by planning and carrying out exercises to help you manage crises better.

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Crisis management trainings

How well the team handles a crisis depends on how much they know and what they can do. We have training that covers lots of different things like talking during a crisis, making choices when things are crazy, and figuring out how much danger is around.

Why choose us?

Knowledge and experience

Our team, with years of experience, is happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you. This helps us assist you in effectively responding to crisis situations and minimizing potential damages.

Customized solutions

We assume that every organization is unique and faces its own challenges. Therefore, we approach crisis management personally in close collaboration with you to understand your needs.

Comprehensive training program

Our crisis management training programs provide your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to cope with emergencies.

Preventive counseling

We believe that prevention is better than cure. We appreciate your organization's readiness for crises, identify possible vulnerabilities, and make suggestions for improvements.

Realistic exercises.

Preparing for a crisis requires more than just theoretical knowledge. Our crisis exercises simulate real-life scenarios, allowing your team to practice their crisis response skills.

Continuous support

Our commitment to crisis management in your organization extends beyond training and consulting. We offer constant support to be prepared and stay up-to-date with the latest best practices in the field.

Don't wait until the crisis arrives!

Contact us today and take proactive steps towards building a sustainable organization. Our comprehensive crisis management services will strengthen your team, minimize potential damage, and protect your reputation.

Contact us now to schedule your first free consultation and learn how Kronos & Partners can help you confidently navigate through the crisis.

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